Top 5 Italian Hotels

My God is difficult to limit myself to only a top 5 Italian hotels to recommend! Italy has such an amazing landscape and its people are such magicians at building resorts that emphasize its every single feature that writing only about five of this country’s best accommodations is quite unfair. On the other hand the number and variety of hostels, houses, hotels etc is so high that I find it hard to believe that Italy will not satisfy every single taste of every single tourist.

But let’s stop beating around the bush and start our top 5.

Number 5

If you search for a luxurious but at the same time intimate location then Hotel Villa Medici in Naples is everything you are looking for. The hotel is not only 10 minutes away from the historic center but is also easy to access by any means of transportation. Recently restored the furniture gives the place a certain charm assuring at the same time all the comfort to its special guests. The staff is not only professional but possesses that particular Italian warm that makes you feel like home. The prices are accessible varying from 55 to 95 euro depending on the season.

Number 4

If you have exquisite and at the same time expensive tastes then Hotel Hassler in Rome is the right choice for you. This place is famous across the Europe for its particular attention to detail, which impresses every tourist and helps him/her having the best stay ever. Located right next to the Spanish steps it is not only easy to be found but also right in the heart of the town. The amazing decorations inside the hotel are originals and reminiscences of the 18th century, each one with its particular and unique stories. At the 6th floor you will enjoy a delicious Italian meal that will add some flavor to your stay. The prices are quite high but the balance price/qualityill make you think twice.

Number 3

Rated as one of the best luxury hotels for family in the world, Hotel Excelsior in Venice will immediately catch your eye. It is a place full of charm and history; its every single wall and painting tells the story of a distant and glorious past. It is located on the well known Venice Lido with private access to the isolated beaches.  This place also stands for the symbol of the Venetian cuisine, alluring its guests with magical flavors and delicious dishes. The prices might be a little high but every effort in the process of gathering money to enjoy this privilege called Hotel Excelsior is worthwhile.

Number 2

If you are in a honeymoon just book at Villa d’Este, near Lake Como and you will not regret your choice. Its uniqueness and grandeur combined with the simple and natural beauty of the Lake Como have given birth to one of the most amazing places you ever have visited. This exquisite location can brag with breathtaking gardens, delicious cuisine, luxurious galas, extraordinary staff and astonishing décor. If it might be too expensive for you, just try it for your honeymoon…it is an extraordinary experience

Number 1

Be it Milan, Turin, Rome, Sicily, Tuscany, Ata Hotel should always be your first choice. It is one of the most modern hotels you will ever see with original furniture and electronics. Every room has a complimentary bar and the services are impeccable. This hotel does not even need further arguments. Just book a room once and you won’t regret it.

Top 5 Italian Hotels might be a subjective article, but no matter the choice your holiday will be perfect. Start de adventure!

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