Top 5 Most Breathtaking Italian castles

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Everybody knows and will agree that Italy is the European country with the most glorious and rich past, traces of its history being the main attraction for many visitors and tourists.  Almost every corner of this unique country seems to be telling a story and each place is enchanted by the glory and fame of its ancestors. Top 5 Most Breathtaking Italian Castles is nothing but a humble attempt at presenting only a part of the many amazing reminiscences of Italy’s heroic and ‘illuminated’ past. This country has many amazing and picturesque medieval and Renaissance castles, out if which we will only talk about: Castello Sforzesco, Castello Estense di Ferrara, Castello di Piagnaro, Castello di Ostia and Castel de Monte.

Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is located in Milan reminding of the seat and residence of the Duchy of Milan back in the 15th century.  It was Francesco Sforza who decided to begin the reconstruction of the castle; however its present appearance is quite different due to the many Spanish and Swiss influences. Nowadays it serves as one of the biggest museums and art collections in the city. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 5:30pm and the entrance fee is 6 euro. The castle is in itself amazing, not even talking about the museum and the gallery, do it is completely worth both the effort and the money you spend visiting it.

Castello Estense di Ferrara

Castello Estense di Ferrara also known under the name of Castello di San Michele is the most representative monument from the city of Ferrara. It has been built around 14th century, bearing its name from the day when the first brick was symbolically added to the structure, right on the day of Saint Michael. It has been the seat and home of many rich Italian politicians and nowadays represents a breathtaking return to the past for only 8 euro per person.

Castello di Piagnaro

Castello di Piagnaro is located in Pontremoli, dominating the entire landscape of the city. It has been built around the 9th century, destroyed by enemies and reconstructed in the 12th century. Today the castle looks like a fortress protecting its locals. You will find it open in summer from 9 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm and in winter from 9 to 12 and 2pm to 5 pm. Remember it is closed on Friday. The ticket costs 4 euro.

Castello di Ostia

Just like its name suggests, Castello Ostia stands for the symbol of the Ostian nobility, nowadays a mighty fortress, famous for having been so well built and tactically displayed so that no enemy could conquer it. The castle is closely connected to the capital, Rome and is the main centre of attention of many tourists eager to discover the Italian mysteries.

Castel de Monte

Castle del Monte is located in southeast of Italy standing as a symbol of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II who also built it during the 13th century. Today the site is considered as a World Heritage and is one of the region’s main attractions.

Top 5 Most Breathtaking Italian castles stops here in the hope that your searches for these amazing places will not end here.

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