Top 5 places in Costa Smeralda & North East Sardinia

Ex Cattedrale di San Pantaleo di Dolia in San Pantaleo, ©cristianocani/Flickr

The Emerald Coast, also known as Costa Smeralda is the most well-known region of Sardinia. The coast spreads between the Gulf of Cugnana and Arzachena-bay. Its powder white sand beaches, chic resorts and crystal clear, turquoise water make it one of the top attractions in Sardinia.

All the luxurious buildings and services however do not overshadow the islands natural beauty. Above we gathered the top five places you should visit in Costa Smeralda and Sardinia’s north-eastern region: the small town of Palau, followed by Porto Pollo, San Pantaleo, Arzachena and Cannigione.

Shopping and strolling around Palau

On the north-east tip of Sardinia lays the little port town of Palau. The village is full of life; it has some incredible beach resorts, shops, restaurants and bars. Not only in the village can you find beautiful sights and landmarks. You only need to travel a few kilometers and you’ll find a tower from the 19th century called Fortezza di Monte Altura.

Palau landscape, ©ciamabue/Flickr

If you hop on a boat it will take you to the islands close by. There are ferry boats which leave the harbor and cross to the fascinating islands of La Maddalena, which is a popular sailing area. You can see many sailors and yachts around in the summer.

Paradise of water sports

Not far from Palau sits Porto Pollo, a pilgrimage destination for the lovers of water sports, like windsurfers and such. Diving, kite surfing and sailing are only a few of the popular water sports professed by the bold and adventurous tourists.

Get inspired

Ex Cattedrale di San Pantaleo di Dolia in San Pantaleo, ©cristianocani/Flickr

San Pantaleo lays hidden away in the mountains, where this traditional and pretty Galluran village prospers. The village has a charming character with its scenic piazza, lively cafes and artisan shops. This peaceful town has cottages built of stone and a relaxing atmosphere where artists come to be inspired. To no one’s surprise this town also has beautiful beaches which are only 10-20 minutes away by car.

Meet ancient history

Arzachena is surrounded with greenery and rocky hillsides. This local market town has several hidden treasures such as mysterious stone towers, giant tombs and ruins.

Visit Cannigione

Cannigione composition, lo.tangelini/Flickr

Going towards the north you can explore the beaches and coves in Cannigione. This place is also ideal for water sports. Find adventure and excitement! Visit Costa Smeralda and the north-eastern region of Sardinia!

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