Top festivals in Perugia

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Having a strong local tradition,Perugiahas a lot to offer when it comes to events and festivals.  No matter in what month of the year you choose to visit this wonderful city, there is at least one event that you can attend. However, let’s see what the top festivals inPerugiaare:

1. Eurochocolate

Eurochocolate is definitely the most popular festival in this region, taking place in mid-October. It is one of the largest such events inEurope, lasting for more than one week. It offers a mesmerizing spectacle of chocolate sculpting and chocolate art displays and of course delicious moments of chocolate tastings. You will not only be taken aback by the immense imagination of chocolate sculptors that give life to different scenes or different characters, but you will also be shocked by the great variety of chocolate that exists on the market. The festival usually takes places around Piazza Italia, Piazza IV Novembre and Piazza della Repubblica.

2.Umbria Jazz Festival

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Umbria Jazz Festival is again one of the most famous events in top festivals in Perugia. If you are fond of jazz music, then I assume you already know itUmbria Jazz Festival is a huge international such event, taking place in July and lasting for two weeks.  In this time of the year, the historic centers of the city are dominated by the dozen of concerts, covering all music kind in order to cover all tastes and preferences. It is the moment when this wonderful city, calledPerugia, gathers all music lovers from all over the world.

3. Spoleto Festival

Spoleto Festival is mostly dedicated to the wonderful domain of theatre, art and poetry. Spoleto Festival is also known as the Festival of the two world, have no mystic meaning but a symbolic significance, emphasizing its power to take its spectators from the real and stressful reality and transpose them into the world of pure art and theatre. It begins at the end of June and lasts till mid-July and it is appreciated not only locally, but also internationally. Spoleto Festivals also encourages and sustains promising young talents and has created a tradition of involving truly professional people that give to the world of spectacle a new meaning.

Perugiahas many other festivals it can brag about, such as: Hawthron flowering, The burlesque carnival wedding, Torcolo festival, Grandparents’ festival , Pizza festival and many religious events.


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