Top places to visit in Genoa

Spactators in Genoa Aquarium

Genoa Aquarium ©Roby Ferrari/Flickr

There are so many things to see in this amazing city, that it will be really difficult to create a top places to visit in Genoa.  However, let’s find out more about each attraction point in our top list so you can decide if they are really worth a visit.

But keep in mind, these is along list of attractions here, so you should definitely consider a 1-2 days trip to the city unless you are on a very tight schedule. If you are, the below attractions are still must-sees:

The Aquarium

Genoa can brag with the largest Aquarium in the country and the second one in Europe. A visit to this fascinating place is definitely a must, as it will offer a unique experience. You will be struck by this awesome place exactly from the moment you see it, as it resembles a ship ready to leave the shore. The interior design is also quite alluring, the Aquarium containing 70 tanks containing 6 million liters of water. Besides the marine creatures that will fascinate you with their uniqueness, three important exhibitions are waiting for you to tell you the story of the Ligurian Sea, the North Atlantic and the Caribbean reefs.

Spactators in Genoa Aquarium

Genoa Aquarium ©Roby Ferrari/Flickr

You might find it useful to know that during the weekend and especially in the summertime, the Aquarium is quite crowded, so be prepared to stand in line for some time.

The Natal House of Cristoforo Colombo

The natal house of Cristoforo Colombo should definitely be included in a Top places to visit in Genoa. You just need to head to Piazza Dante and you will come across it. Just like Juliet’s balcony in Verona, this house is believed to be the place where the great explorer and colonizer was born and spent his adolescence. Many find it hard to believe that this house was kept intact during the 17th century, when the city was bombed by the Roy Soleil. However, a stop here will teach you more than 100 books.

Rolli Palaces

The Rolli Palaces has been added to UNESCO list in 2006 and that should say enough. Just walk on the pedestrian side on Via Garibaldi and you will come across them. They have Baroque and Renaissance influences and have been renovated in 2004. Their history is of course overwhelming so a tour of the rooms and galleries will definitely enrich your baggage of knowledge.

Royal Palace in Genoa

Royal Palace in Genoa ©dungodung/Flickr

It is worth mentioning some other enchanting and popular tourist attractions in Genoa, such as: the national gallery in Spinola Palace, Royal Palace, definitely another must see, Museum of Saint Augustine,  the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Cathedral Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the Sea Museum and the Naval Museum and Doria Museum of Natural History.


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