Top sights of Alghero & the North West Sardinia

Grotte di Nettuno, ©fedewild/Flickr

The most amazing seaside resorts with rugged cliffs and beautiful white-sand beaches are hidden on the north-western shores of Sardinia. One of these places is called Alghero, a well-known resort town which has distinctive Catalan features and fantastic narrow streets. Traveling towards the inlands of the island you will find enchanting vineyards and delightful rolling hills. Alghero is a peaceful town where you can enjoy a day of relaxation by strolling through the macchia-scented tips or wander on the streets set with cobblestones and enjoy a delicious Sardinian meal.

Defending Alghero

Go and see the mighty bastion of Alghero, where many years ago the soldiers have bravely defended their town from its enemies. Take a walk along its fortified walls and enjoy the sunset over Capo Caccia.

Capo Caccia, ©ComùnicaTI/Flickr

Wine tasting

Visit Sella and Mosca and taste the best Italian wines. Make your afternoon more interesting by taking one of the guided tours to the vineyards of these lovely and charming towns.

Grotte di Nettuno

Hop on a boat and take a trip to Grotte di Nettuno. Be amazed by the wonderful sea caves under the cliffs. From the harbor boats and organized trips set out on a regular basis.

Grotte di Nettuno, ©fedewild/Flickr

Ruins at Bosa

If you travel towards the south, on your way to Bosa you can inspect some fascinating rock formations. The town lies next to the ruins of a castle from the medieval age. Take in the picturesque sight of the town’s tangled narrow streets.

History and archeology

The city of Alghero offers a rich ancient history. Visit the most popular archeological sites. As you travel further towards the inland you should stop by at Nuraghe di Palmavera and Anghelu Ruiu, an impressive necropolis from prehistoric times.

Nuraghe di Palmavera, ©tristanf/Flickr

Get a Sardinian suntan

The one thing you will never have few of in Sardinia is a place to have a swim and lay out in the sun. We recommend you visit the beach of Maria Pia, an amazing and charming sandy bay in Alghero where you can get a nice suntan with pinewoods in the background. We also recommend the beaches of Lazzaretto and Le Bombarde where you will be completely bewitched by the crystal clear water and the pure white sand. If you are looking for something more tropical, go to Pelosa, on the other hand for the more adventurous we suggest the wild and rocky coastline at Bosa.









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