Top Sport Activities in Milan

Italian people are not only full of energy and quite dynamic, but also like to take good care of their physic and health. This is why practicing a sport, be it for fun or at a higher level is a day to day routine in Italy.  Among the top sports activities in Milan you will find: jogging, cycling, tennis and of course football. You as a tourist can also take advantage of this rich sports culture and try new sports or practice the ones you like while in Milan.

1. Jogging

You will often notice Milanese practicing this kind of sport. Not at all expense and quite at handy jogging represents a wonderful way of staying fit. As Milan does not lack perfect places full of calm and greenery you will meet joggers especially in the parks or gardens. Monte Stella Park, near the San Siro Stadium would be the best place for jogging in Milan. It is here where you will find marked pathways around the large area of grass and trees.

2. Cycling

The locals just love this kind of sport and this is mainly why many events of this kind are planned and held in and around Milan. The best way to find out more about these activities would be in the sport pages of the local newspapers. If instead you do not want to be only an observer and you would like to cycle yourself, bear in mind that there are many bicycle rental shops. The itineraries are quite varied and even complex, it all depends on what you are looking for.

3. Tennis

Milan provides to its people and tourists many tennis courts in and outside the city; however do make sure you book the court by phone before actually getting there. Here is a short list of such places where you can have a wonderful time enjoying really elegant sport: Tennis Club 5 Pioppi , located in the Fieri district and made up of four courts, Centro Sportivo Mario Saini, consisting of no less than 12 courts either covered or in open air and Associazione Sporting Club Corvetto with many tennis courts, but also a bar and a restaurant.

4. Football

It does not strike much as a surprise if I tell you that Italians are crazy about football or ‘calcio’ as they call it. This sport represents a real passion among the Milanese as well, mainly because of the two highly regarded national football teams: Inter and AC Milan. The best place to watch these guys in action is definitely the San Sirio Stadium with a capacity of over 80,000 people.

Top Sport Activities in Milan is only but a fade picture of a strong and popular cultural aspect of this country. Once arrived here you will better understand the importance of sport in the locals’ day to day life.

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