Top tours in Perugia


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If you do not have time to plan your own vacation in Perugia, then it is recommended to try something organized ahead, but most important of all it is highly advised to find out whether it will worth your money. Just like in every other city across Italy, the locals in Perugiaoffer varied tours to their visitors in order to help them explore this artistic city and discover its, culture, people and rich history. Therefore, let’s find out what are the top tours in Perugia:

1. Let’s cook in Umbria

If you are fond if Italian cuisine and you would like to take a part of it home, then this virtual tour to the Umbrian kitchen is everything you can ever wish for. The classes take place in a farm where you can live an authentic culinary experience that you will not forget too easily. All ingredients and vegetable or fruits have been grown at the farm so all the dishes are organic and very fresh.  You will also have the pleasure to try local wine and the traditional “grappa”, while observing the host preparing amazing dishes and desserts.

The price for this experience is around 95 euro/person.

2. Perugina Chocolate Factory

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Everybody should love this tour, as I cannot even imagine there is a person out there that does not like chocolate. Although it might not be a really informative tour, this experience will give you a better insight of how chocolate is made. Its begins with a video showing how chocolate is produced in the factory, continues with a visit at the chocolate museum, then a wonderful stroll along the plants and the most expected activity, a visit to the tasting room where you can eat as much fresh chocolate as you can. You can of course buy sweet souvenirs for the dear ones, as the prices are 30% lower than the retail. Enjoy every second of it!

3. Sagrantino Wine Tour

Another wonderful experience that should be included in the top tours in Perugia is Sagrantino Wine Tour. It will reveal for you the wonderful places just outsidePerugia, an amazing wine growing region waiting for you to explore. It is here that the locals cultivate for centuries the Sagrantino grapes that will then be turned into a wine so good that you would think is made for kings and popes, the Sagrantino Wine. This tour will inform you about all the aspect of wine making and will give you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious Italian dish combined with this amazing wine. You will not regret it!

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