Tourist tips for Venice

Longing for a romantic trip with your loved one? Dreaming of visiting a place where your imagination can go wild, where mystery allures you at every step and where history meets modernism? Then Venice is waiting for you.  Just like any other destination there are a few things you should know before reaching this amazing city. There are some simple and basic questions that you need to ask when making plans: where, when and what? So here are a few tourist tips for Venice:



Firstly, when booking a train or plane ticket to Venice make sure you reach Venice Santa Lucia and not Venice Mestre.  The latter is one station before the final destination so pay attention where you choose to get off the train. Secondly, if you reach this city by car then follow A4 if you come from Trieste or Turin, A27 from Belluno and A13 from Bologna.

Once arrived in Venice, your next destination should be Piazza San Marco. This trip to the heart of the city will take through all its beauties and special places. Just look for the indicators pointing to the right direction and enjoy the mesmerizing views.


The best possible time to visit Venice is definitely during the Carnival, usually taking place at the end of February beginning of March.  The charm of this event will leave you speechless as you will have the feeling that you’ve just entered an incredible story that you wish it never ends.  The people gathered from all over the world wearing beautiful masks, the dramatic plays held in Piazza San Marco, the visit to Doges Palace will confirm you that you made the right decision. Even though the weather might be quite cold you will be so mesmerized by the masks parade that you won’t even notice the low temperatures.


In Venice there are definitely some important landscapes that you should not possibly miss: the Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Doges Palace, San Marco Basilica, la Ponte dei Sospini and why not Rialto Market.  If you have a little extra time then take a boat that will take you further into the lagoon to the Murano island. This is the perfect place to buy wonderful gifts to your dear ones and to admire the art of glass-blowing and the creation of Murano artifacts. You can also tour another amazing island, the Burano Island that will impress you with its vividly colored houses and friendly people.

As this city is such a popular European destination there are of course many tourist tips of Venice, but what stories will you tell back home if you don’t allow not even a small adventure to your journey?

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