Transportation in Turin

I’m sure you are accustomed by now to also read something about how to get around whenever a tourist destination is chosen as a topic for several articles. It is easier, of course, to find out ahead how the public and private transport is organized so as not to miss any second of your lovely holiday trying to guess what bus / tram you have to take to reach a particular place. Therefore, this entry focuses on transportation in Turin and I will try to give you as many details I can so as to feel at ease anywhere around this wonderful city.

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You should know that you cannot buy tickets from the bus driver so you have to do it before getting on. This basically happens all over Italy. Fortunately, you can buy tickets in some bars, some ‘tabaccherie’ or even newsstands. Moreover, the local administration has thought things in advance for you. Therefore, so as not to sit in front of a bar and plan beforehand how many tickets you will need for a stay, there are 24/24 from automatic vending machines to be found in 170 tobacconists and 14 neighboring towns. If you’re staying longer, it would be best to also check the website of the public transport company (GTT – GRUPPO TORINESE TRASPORTI), where you will find the maps of the entire public transport network (urban, suburban, out-of-town) which you can also download on to your computer.

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Now, some plain facts: an ordinary urban ticket is € 1, 50 and you can use it for 90 minutes on all buses inside the town and metro lines.  You can choose to buy a daily ticket that costs € 5 and can be used on basically all lines except those out-of-town (urban, suburban, metro). If you are not the type who wishes to discover a place on your own, you can choose one of the two different tours you have at your disposal. The Turin Centre is organized with red doubledecker buses and takes you throughout the centre of the town whereas the Unexpected Turin focuses more on those marginal areas of the town. If you have time, you should try both of them. A full ticket on one line is € 15 but there are various discounts for young people, groups or family members. Furthermore, as far as transportation in Turin is concerned, you have a wide range of tourist offers: the “Valentino II” and “Valentina II” boats that take you on beautiful cruises along the River Po (a return ticket is € 4 during the week and € 6 during the weekends and holidays), the Sassi – Superga rack tramway (this is unique in Italy and takes you to admire a magnificent panorama of the Alps and of Turin for only € 6) or the Reggia di Venaria and the Mandria Park Shuttle (€ 5 – return ticket).

As you can see, the public transport is very well organized in Turin and will surely enhance the quality of your visit or holiday here.

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