Transportation in Verona

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What would tourists do without the main means of transportation? Simply think about it. Not only will the vacations cost more, but all the comfort and the joy of visiting a place will be lost, due to the stress and fatigue. That is why it is always important to have all the information about the transportation that you can find in city. It will not only save you from many troubles, but it will also help you save your budget and will make your stay even more pleasant.

Therefore let’s find out more about Transportation in Verona:

By Bus

What is nice about Verona is that some of the buses serving the city are powered by natural gas to reduce pollution so thumbs up for the Italians. A bus ticket costs 1.10 euro and offers you the possibility to travel for one hour. You can purchase it from any tobacco shop, bar or company office. You also have the possibility to buy it on board, at the cost of 1.20 euro, however do make sure you have the change as you will need to use the automatic machine.

The bus connecting the airport and the city runs according to the timetable presented on this site A ticket costs 11 euro one way and 16 euro return.

Also, you might be interested to find out more about the double decker with open air top offering an amazing journey through the streets of the historic centre. However, if you have enough energy I would recommend you enjoy this part of the city by foot, as it will give you more complete view.

By Train

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Another important means of transportation in Verona is the train, especially if you wish to see the surroundings as well. Getting to Verona by train is quite easy, as this city lies somewhere between Milan and Venice, so trains run regularly. The Porta Nuova station is also well connected to other important cities, so all you need to do is to check out the timetable. It is as if all railways lead to Verona!

What is also great is that this main station is located only minutes away from the historic centre and there is a tourist info centre located right at the station and ready to offer you all the necessary details.

Also, do not miss the Verona card, which offers you entrance to the majority of churches, monuments and museums and unlimited use of the local buses. It costs 8 euro for one day and 12 euro for three days.

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