Trips starting from Florence


Italy is such a beautiful country that it is quite difficult to come across a destination that you will eventually regret having picked up. As for trips starting from Florence quite the same rules apply. You can easily plan day trips, since many wonderful places can be reached only half of an hour distance from the city downtown even when using public transportation. If you have a week-end at your disposal then the best choice is definitely a trip at the country, where the pure traditional and culture are still present and very much alive.


Many say that Siena is even more beautiful than Florence. Since time immemorial this picturesque city has rivaledFlorencenot only for politic but also for artistic dominance over centralItaly. Just take a walk on the winding streets of this amazing place, go up and down the hills and you will remain impresses by the artistic fruits of this continuous rivalry. Some important places that cannot be missed are: Piazza del Campo, a beautiful square right at the heart ofSiena, the white striped Duomo, embellished by the paintings of Pinturicchio and sculptures by Bernini or Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana.



Mugello is very much appreciated by tourists due to its natural beauty and amazing villages. This wonderful valley filled with green and breathtaking nature is situated in the north of Florence, only one hour distance by car. Do not even think about leaving this mesmerizing place without trying the delicious typical dishes of the local gastronomy.



If you follow the wine route you will easily get to Arezzo. Just like Sienathis place will impress you with the artistic, religious and architectural beauty, but what will add charm to your trip will be the little medieval villages located in the area. It will be like you will relive the past and get to meet in person Petrarca , Pierro della Francesca, Luca Signorelli and Giorgio Vasari, all born in this place. InSienayou will have the feeling that the three important civilizations and traditions: the Etruscans, the Romans and the medieval are still omnipresent.


Everybody know Pisa because of its famous leaning Tower, but few known that this city has been a prosperous sea-town destroyed by the barbaric invasions that left a big part of it in ruins. However the 12th and the 13th centuries it turned into an important city in the area mainly because of the maritime business.

Do book some time for trips starting from Florence. You will not regret it!

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