Turin at first glimpse


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Turin is a wonderful city located in the northern-east of Italy, on the left bank of the Po River and surrounded by the Alpine arch. Just like any other Italian destination, Turin offers wonderful pieces of culture and amazing return to its glorious past, hosting many art galleries, palaces, churches, restaurants, opera houses, piazzas and museums. Turin at first glimpse will fascinate you and once you get to know this place even better you will be even more impressed by its charm and specific particularities.

 Turin is…

Turin is worldwide known for being the home ofItaly’s royal family, having thus an amazing aristocratic atmosphere with grand boulevards (a rarity inItaly), exquisite restaurants and elegant shops, being considered a tourist resort becoming more and more popular with the passage of time.

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Turin was host of Winter Olympic Games from 2006.

Turin is popular for the famous automobile Italian brand, FIAT, being also an important centre of technology and industry.

Turin was the first capital of the modernItaly.

Turinis worldwide known as “the capital of the Alps”, “the cradle of Italian liberty”, “the automobile capital of Italy” and “the European capital of Baroque”.

Turinis known to form a “white magic triangle” together withLyonandPragueand a “black magic triangle” withLondonandSan Francisco.

Natural beauty

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What truly fascinates aboutTurinis definitely its natural beauty. Although it is not tourist destination as famous asFlorenceorRome, the landscape characterizing this underestimated city is amazing. Just imagine the hills surrounding this place offering wonderful panoramic view, riverPocrossing it and creating a felling of fresh and seaside and the image ofAlpsin the background. Even the important personality Le Corbusier referred toTurinas “the city with the most beautiful natural location in the world”.

Pinch of history

Turinwas built by the Romans for the purposes of serving as a military camp, later dedicated to Augustus. It was then conquered by the Lombards, then by the Franks and at the end of the 13th century it was attached to the Duchy of Savoy. The University of Turin was founded during this period. In time this beautiful city became the capital of this duchy and went through a period of enlargement and enrichment. In the 19th century it was annexed to the French Empire and managed to survive the two World Wars.Turin was built rather rapidly in the postwar period and the city’s automotive industry played a huge role in its reconstruction.

Turin at first glimpse might not be as catchy as other amazing Italian cities. Therefore do give it in order to discover its real charm..and I assure you, there is one!

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