Venice Island Tour

It would be such a pity to travel all this way to Italy and leave this breathtaking city of Venice without discovering one of its most beautiful mysteries, the three islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello. Hidden from the crowd of tourists, they come with a pinch of colour and diversity on the islands’ landscape all around the world. Even if it takes extra time and money the effort to organize a Venice Island Tour is definitely worthwhile.

Murano Island

By San of Groucho

Murano is located in the Venetian Lagoon, being linked to the city by a bridge. It has a surface of 1 mile and a population of 5,000 people. This place is popular for the beautiful and amazingly coloured glass and the art of glass making, which locals pass on from generation to generation. The manufacturers and the glass marketing are protected by the Veneto Region since glasswork represents an important part of the Venetian culture and history.

Murano is definitely an ideal destination for ferry tours being situated one km north-east of Venice. It will impress you with its glass shops and laboratories and many amazing churches.

Glass Museum timetable: April-October: 10-17, November-March: 10-16, Wednesday closed.

Burano Island

Burano Island is located at the northern end of the Venetian lagoon, near Torcello. This amazing place is popular for its lacework, so you will find many wonderful gifts that you can buy for your dear ones. The colour and the architecture of the houses here will create an atmosphere of fairytale that you wish it never ended.

To reach it you can take a vaporetto (motorboat) that will take you to this wonderful island in 40 minutes. 2,800 people live and enjoy daily this wonderful place made of brightly-painted houses and amazing artists.

Torcello Island

Next follows Torcello, a really quiet and calm island bragging with the largest population of the Republic of Venice. It impresses with its palaces, Palazza dell’Archivio and Palazzo del Consiglio and the wonderful churches, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and Church if Santa Fosca. Another charming place to see and admire would be the Devil’s Bridge, standing absolutely wonderfully in this picturesque landscape. Museum of Torcello, opened from Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 12:30am and 2pm to 6:30 pm will tell you the story of the island’s glorious past.

You can reach this beautiful island by taking the # 12 or the # 14 water bus nearby Piazza San Marco.

I hope you are now convinced no to leave Italy without taking a Venice Island Tour. You will return home not only with wonderful memories but also with original and traditional gifts.

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