Visit Italy on a low budget

If you are a globetrotter or you cannot imagine a year of your life without taking a trip abroad then you better have a generous boss or a big salary. However if you are more into the adventurous part of journeys, planning trips that might cause stories to tell to your friends afterwards, then you can always save your budget by making sure every bits and pieces are prepared long time before. If you are prepared and know some budget tips about your destinations, you can easily save a lot of money and still enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Just save two or three salaries, go carefully through this post and start packing.

Cheap transportation

Italy enjoys the benefits of any other important European country, really cheap flights being one of them. Visiting Italy on low budget is only a matter of gathering information and planning. Find a cheap ticket, try to book in advance and fly on weekdays. Just find a route that best suits your needs without worrying about the price of the ticket.

One arrived in Italy you will encounter a wide variety of offers that will help you saving. For example in Rome a one way tickets costs 1 euro and can be used on any means of transport, being valid for only 75 minutes. Depending on how long you stay in the city, an alternative to this quite expensive local transportation is the one-day ticket, which for only 4 euro allows you to travel on any means of transportation for 24 hours. Some other great options are: 3 days tourist integrated ticket for 11 euro and tourist one week integrated ticket for 16 euro. Kids under 5 years old usually do not pay a ticket whereas those from 6 to 12 years old pay half price.

Cheapest way of visiting museums

In Italy there is a rule that during the last Sunday of every month the entrance to the museums is free, so whenRome Museums planning your trip do your best to incorporate the last weekend of the month in it. Make sure you stay away from so called “Tickets Online” as although it saves your time by skipping the queue it also extra charges you with at least 4 euro.

Also if you could get to Italy on the 27th of September, World Day of Tourism, then your pocket is saved, free entrance being guaranteed.  Bear in mind that visitors and citizens of the EU, age between 18-24 years old enjoy half price to any museum if they are in the possession of a specific document.  Even more some of the places accept free entrance to EU citizens under 18 years and more than 65.

I bet you have never thought that visiting Italy on low budget can be so simple. Just make sure you choose the right period to do that, which obviously shouldn’t coincide with the peaks of tourists coming here and that you take with you all the necessary documents and useful notes. The pleasure of discovering this amazing country is assured even before thinking about exploring it.

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