Visiting Bologna on a low budget


If you want to visit this amazing city called Bolognawith all your heart, than nothing should stay in the way of your wish, not even a low budget. Why? Because there is always a solution for every problem. Therefore, do you plan visiting Bologna on a low budget? Here are some tips and tricks to make your stay cheaper and to spare you of all the time spent finding the cheapest products and services:

Cheapest way of getting toBologna

Bolognais served by Gugliemo Marconi International Airport, located only a few minutes from the city centre. There are numerous low cost airlines that have numerous connections to cities all aroundEurope. Just check out the web pages of Rynair or Wizzair, depending on what part of the continent you are coming from, and you might come across unexpectedly cheap flights. Therefore, book in advance!

Cheap transportation in Bologna


Like elsewhere inItaly, the ATC Company is in charge of the transportation in Bologna. A bus ticket usually costs somewhere around 1,5 euro for 1 hour, but if you buy it from the information and ticket centers (like the railway station, city center or coach station), you have the option of buying multi trip tickets with discount (for example 10 euro worth of travel for 8,50 euro).

If you feel even that is expensive, then let me inform you thatBolognais a wonderful place to visit by foot. Getting around the city is really simple as you will see clear street signs everywhere, not to mention that it is a great way of discovering amazing pizzerias or wonderful restaurants.

Pay attention when crossing the street! The traffic is quite heavy and the people in a rush.

Visiting museums


If you really wish to visit the majority of museums and palaces, then you might want to know aboutBologna’s museum card, which gives you access to the city’s main museums and offers discounts to some others. It is available for either one day, at the cost of only 6 euro or for three days at the cost of 8 euro. You can purchase it from museums and tourist offices.

Visiting Bologna on a low budget also means cheap accommodation, therefore just review our post on Best Accommodation in Bologna and you will find all the information you need in there. As for the cuisine part, I would dare saying not to reduce your budget there or you might regret it.

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