Visiting Enna and its touristic locations

View from the Fridrick's Tower, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

View from the Fredrick’s Tower, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

The beautiful city of Enna, also known as the heart of Sicily has all the characteristics and features which make the island unique and special. All who visit Enna can stroll among ruins and feel the atmosphere of the past epochs and centuries. Explore the enchanted woods and historical attractions, try the delightful flavors and specialties and learn about the hundred year old traditions of the locals.

Admire the colorful scenery dotted with pine trees, willows, poplars, orange and lemon trees. If you are in desperate need for a stress free holiday or just a few days of relaxation choose the wonderful town of Enna. Wander around the lovely streets, soak up the ambience and gaze at the beautiful and majestic buildings of the past such as the Castello di Lombardia, the Duomo, Torre di Federico and others.

The invincible castle

Start your tour at Castello di Lombardia, an important military construction of Sicily. The castle stands on cliff tops which made it very hard to capture. The building originally had twenty towers of which only six stands today and can be visited by hundreds of tourists. In the summer season the inner courtyard theatre opens its doors and hosts a set of medieval plays.

Castello di Lombardia at Sicily, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

Castello di Lombardia at Sicily, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

Cathedrals and museums

Enna also boasts with a beautiful cathedral which has been severely damaged in 1446 by a fire but it has been rebuilt and completed with blend of architectural styles. At the base of its pulpit you can even notice some classical ruins. Near the cathedral lies the Alessi Museum where the Duomo’s treasury is to be found. Enter and admire the unique selection of jewelry and costumes. Also nearby you will find a small archeological museum which exhibits some original regional artifacts.

The inside part of Enna Cathedral, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

The inside part of Enna’s Cathedral, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

Castles and palaces

Continue the journey by visiting Fredrick’s tower, also known as Torre di Federico, an octagonal stronghold located in the public garden of Enna. The building was named after Frederick II who built the famous Castel del Monte in the city of Puglia. The tower has a great view and thus it is a perfect look-out location. Strolling around town you can also visit the gothic Pallazzo Pollicarini and its medieval staircase. You should also pass by Lombardia castle, continue towards Roca di Cerere and visit the ruins of the Temple of Demeter, goddess of harvest and fertility. Take a picnic basket with you and have a lovely day out in this mythical location.

View from the Fridrick's Tower, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

View from the Fredrick’s Tower, ©andrewmalone/Flickr

More mythology

For the fans of mythology we recommend Lake Pergusa, the location where Persephone, daughter of Demeter was abducted by Hades, who wanted to make her queen of the underworld. The lake is the only natural lake of Sicily, which is located about 9 kilometers from Enna towards the south.

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