What not to miss in the Vatican City

As some of you might know the Vatican City is surrounded by Rome, therefore if you want to get to the Holy City by walking, your itinerary will include crossing Ponte St.  Angelo Bridge.  This path will take you to Castle St. Angelo right outside the Vatican walls and then to the famous St. Peter’s Square, where Catholics from all over the world gather to confirm their faith.

What you might not know is what not to miss in the Vatican City, which is why I recommend you follow the tips below:

1. The Vatican Museums

If you crave for rediscovering the past and admiring the masterpieces of illustrious geniuses then you came to the right place. The Vatican Museums, located in Viale Vaticano (though it could be quite difficult not to come across it) are the most renowned museums in the world. It preserves and exhibits famous classical sculptures and important traces of the Renaissance art which makes every human proud of its history.

Even if you might not be found of guided tours, the amount of information is so large and the exhibitions is so complex and ample that having someone more knowledgeable directing you and easing your thirst for new stories will definitely make your day more enjoyable.

Bear in mind that the museums are closed on Sundays and holidays with the exception of the last Sunday of every month when they’re free.

2. Saint Peter’s Square and Basilica

Known for having the largest interior of any Christina church in the world, this place is regarded as the holiest Catholic place. Historians have is that it has been built on the site of a church covering Saint Peter’s tomb, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

Entrance to the Square and to the Basilica is free but you must be properly dressed, with no bare knees or shoulders. The Basilica is opened 12 hours a day, from7amto7 pmand on Sunday wonderful and very spiritual masses are held here by the Pope. If you only have one day to visit the Vatican I strongly recommend you do it on a Sunday as the positive energy you will get after the ceremony will compare to nothing else.

3. Vatican Gardens

What else not to miss in the Vatican City?

On the North and West sides of Vatican you will come across absolutely amazing small villas, medieval fortifications and 23 hectares of wonderful gardens. Do not miss these oases of tranquillity either.

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