What to visit in Naples

Naples is a place of contradiction and true charm, with simple, yet sophisticated people, alluring but dangerous landscapes and amazing however not that safe surroundings. Naples is most often than not a city difficult to define but absolutely impossible to ignore. If you get over the preconceptions people generally have about this breathtaking place, Naples will surely leave deep and long time imprints on your memory. It only takes an open mind and heart and rested eyes. Therefore let’s see what to visit in Naples:

1. The Historic Centre

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What some of you might not know is that the historic centre in Naples has been declared a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. What makes this place so special are the narrow streets leading to breathtaking churches and secret caves or catacombs. Every corner of these small roads has that specific Italian flavor to which history added a pinch of history. Some of the churches in the historic centre that you should not miss are: San Severo Chapel, a fascinating building with unique architecture and décor, as well as beautiful Baroque sculptures dating back from the 17th and 18th century.

2. Museums

What to visit in Naples? Although it might sound like a cliché, visiting the city’s museum is great way of discovering its past and get a better understanding of its culture.

The National Archaeological Museum is Europe’s largest archaeological museum. It is truly immense and you might need an entire day to visit it, but all the effort will definitely be worthwhile. More about this place can be read in the article Pompeii, so please review it.

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The National Museum of Capodimonte is the perfect destination if you are looking for a romantic day in Naples. Idyllically situated on a hill overlooking the city, this museum can actually be found in Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte. It has been opened for visiting back in 1957 and exhibits one of Italy’s finest painting collections with Renaissance works and the “Neapolitan Gallery” displaying pieces of art created along 6 entire centuries.

National Museum of San Martino is another breathtaking and charming place especially due to the amazing view it offers on the Gulf of Naples. The museum is part of the large monastery complex Certosa di San Marino, one of the most visible landmark of the city. Its 70 halls display different aspects of Naples’ history, bringing thus its visitors closer to this culture.

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