Where to go shopping in Perugia

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Even if your stay in Perugia is not that long, there comes a time when you need to reserve at least a couple of hours for buying presents for the dear ones waiting for you home or souvenirs for your own heart and for the sake of remembering the wonderful experience you are having. What could really help you to spare some precious time is some exact information on where to go shopping in Perugia and on when to do that. Here are some really important details on this:

When to go shopping

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Like in most part of Italy, shops in Perugia are open from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3:30, maybe 4 pm to 8 pm (as you know Italians are very strict with their siesta). However, the major stores like Upim, Coin or La Rinascente keep their doors open throughout the entire day. If you are looking for something even more authentic, then you might find it interesting to know that the weekly market is held on Tuesdays, from8amtillnoonand offers a wide variety of products, from local fresh food to traditional clothing. Also on the first Sunday of every month you will have the chance to visit the antique market, which offers infinite possibilities of really unique gifts.


If you are wondering where to go shopping in Perugia, then your quest should definitely begin from the city centre. If you know your budget does not have a limit, then Corso Vannucci is the right place to look for basically everything. You will come across many fashion and shoe stores, some really famous, like Max Mara for example. If you are looking for something delicate and truly Italian, then do not miss Intimissimi, an Italian store of amazing lingerie.

If you would like to purchase some souvenirs, then head for Via Baglioni where you will find beautiful painted ceramics or traditional handmade products. For those of you who love Italian language and would like to be able to practice this language at home as well, then take into consideration making a visit at La Libreria (Via Oberdan ), a large bookstores offering many possibilities at quite a small price.

What you might find interesting to know is that European visitors may obtain a VAT refund on purchase of products. Just google for the procedure and you will be prompted with all the details on how to do that.

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