Where to stay in Milan

It is impossible not to find in Milan a place that suites your visit and budget, all you have to do is organize yourself and plan in advance. Where to stay in Milan will be giving you all the tools for a perfect vacation in this wonderful Italian city. You will have a firsthand knowledge from the thousands of hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast and villas in Milan.

1. Westin Palace Milan

Located on Piazza della Repubblica, Westin Palace Milan is a perfect choice for high budgeted travelers and international celebrities.  With a distinctive décor, exquisite furniture and excellent cuisine this hotel has been ranked as one of the best in town. The prices are quite high but this well facilitated accommodation will contribute to the quality of your comfort and stay.

2. Hotel Principe di Savoia

If you have exquisite and at the same time expensive tastes then Hotel Principe di Savoia  is the right choice for you. This place is famous across the Europe for its particular attention to detail that manages to impress any visitor. The amazing decorations inside the hotel are originals and reminiscences of the 18th century, each one with its particular and unique stories. At the exquisite restaurant you will enjoy a delicious Italian meal that will add some flavor to your stay. The prices are quite high but the balance price/quality is very well equilibrated.

3. Milan Marriott Hotel

Rated as one of the best luxury hotels for family in the world, Milan Marriott Hotel will immediately catch your eye. It is a place full of charm and history; its every single wall and painting tells the story of a distant and glorious past. It is located on Via Giorgio Washington, catering to executive business travelers.  This place also stands for the symbol of the Milanese cuisine, alluring its guests with magical flavors and delicious dishes. The prices might be a little high but every effort in the process of gathering money to enjoy this privilege is definitely worthwhile.

4. Ata Hotel

Be it Milan, Turin, Rome, Sicily, Tuscany, Ata Hotel should always be your first choice. It is one of the most modern hotels you will ever see with original furniture and electronics. Every room has a complimentary bar and the services are impeccable. This hotel does not even need further arguments. Just book a room once and you won’t regret it.

There are so many variant to choose from and so high quality services that Where to stay in Milan should be your last worry.  Just reserve a few minutes and make up your mind, then let the adventure begin.

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