Where to stay in Naples

If you are thinking of where to stay in Naples, maybe it is better to first establish your budget. Bear in mind that the accommodation in Naples is definitely cheaper than the one in Rome or even that from the north of Italy, but so quality can vary quite a lot. If you are planning to visit Naples on low costs then you can expect low quality services like: poor breakfast in the morning with orange juice tasting more like powder than like fruits, lack of a shower stall in the bathroom (instead you might find a drain hole in the middle of the bathroom) and if you are unfortunate enough even cheap bed and bath linens. All these details are not meant to discourage you, but only to help you make the best decision on where to stay in Naples, even if you are on a low budget.

Mid-range hotels

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Just to make sure that the above-mentioned situations are avoided, the best way to start the search for a good and not that expensive accommodation in Naples should begin from the mid-range hotels. One of them is Hotel Clarean, located in Piazza Garibaldi. Besides its perfect location, in the vicinity of the train station and the great prices, the hotel offers nice and adequate room sizes and a rich continental breakfast. The staff is really helpful and the hotel’s shuttle spares you from another tiresome trip from the airport to the city.

Some other mid-range hotels worth mentioning are: Hotel Europeo, B&B La Corte, Hotel Cavour, Hotel Ideal, Hotel Splendid, Hotel Garibaldi and Hotel Prati.

Luxurious hotels

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Belle Arti Resort is the perfect place where you can spoil yourself a little bit. What makes this hotel really stand out is the amazing mix of the past and the 21st century. Within 5 minutes walking distance you will come across the main historic sites inNaples. The rooms are absolutely breathtaking decorated with frescoes and charming furniture, creating thus an incredible atmosphere. The staff is really professional, helpful and friendly trying their best to make your stay even more pleasant. The continental breakfast is rich enough to provide you with energy for an entire day of travelling. The only minus to this hotel might be the lack of an elevator, but if you look at the brighter sides of things, this will also help you stay fit. Anyway, make sure you travel light.

Some other such hotels are: Grand Hotel Santa Lucia, Portalba Relais, Romeo Hotel and Hotel Pinto Storey.

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