Where to stay in Perugia

Hotel Room © nopsa.hiit.fi

Accommodation has always been one of the major things you have to take care of when planning a holiday. If you’re one of those people that like to do everything on his own, maybe some tips on where to stay in Perugia might come in handy. The good part is that Perugia is a highly touristic region in Italy (as are most) so finding the right hotel, hostel or bed & breakfast will not be as difficult as you may think.


Hotel Room © nopsa.hiit.fi

I’m sure there’s no surprise in saying that they range from five-star hotels to the cheapest one-star hotel (as it happens all over the world). Among the first classification, we list Brufani Palace Hotel (with 94 elegant and five-star rooms and suites), Hotel La Rosetta (located in the historic centre), Hotel Colle della Trinita (in the Umbrian countryside), Hotel Relais dell’Olmo (a very sumptuous building), Hotel Gio – Jazz, Wine, Arte & Vini, Hotel Perusia and many more. Cheaper alternatives are Hotel Sant’Ercolano, Hotel San Sebastiano or Hotel Iris.


If you consider hotels are too impersonal, you can always choose to rent a flat during your holiday. In this regard, you have plenty of options as well. You might find what you like with City Residence, offering you a wide choice of 26 apartments (studio, one or two bed apartments), all fully and modernly equipped. Furthermore, hotel services such as reception, cleaning, supply of towels or linen are also provided so that you it will feel like home but better served. Other interesting locations welcoming you with breathtaking apartments are the charming Villa Nuba (in a 15th century farmhouse), Cottage Nuvoletta, alTeatro Apartment in Perugia and many more.

Historic buildings

To stay in such a building may sound fancier than regular hotel or bed & breakfasts but it surely helps you to better grasp the essence of the Umbrian province. What do I mean by historic buildings? Well, mostly medieval castles. There is Castle of Borgo Monticelli (dates back to 1100; offers a panoramic view of Perugia), Oscano’s Castle (not far from Perugia’s center, surrounded by wooded hills), or Palazzi Rufini (12 km far from Perugia in a small village with the same name).

In the end, finding a proper place where to stay in Perugia may turn out to be a difficult task because there are so many amazing places that you could choose. Let’s face it; many of them are tourist sights on their own!

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