Where to stay in Venice

Gathered all your family? Did some research? Booked your tickets? Made you itinerary? Set up your budget?  If it’s a ‘Yes’ to all of these questions then there is one little aspect you still need to plan: Where to stay in Venice. Depending on your budget and expectations this post will offer you some valid variants and tips that will help you have a perfect journey and a comfortable stay.

Cheap Hotels

If you are looking for special prices, double rooms with breakfast and a reasonable distance to the city centre then the best options are definitely the B&B, the hostels and the villas.

Le Vele is located in one of the most popular areas of Venice, San Marcuola and is ideal for young couples. Though it is suitable for almost everything from business to an anniversary, it is representative for its romantic design and welcoming staff.  The furniture creates an atmosphere of intimacy and home and the kitchen is equipped with everything from TV, cooker, microwave to utensils. A minimum stay of 3 night is required and the price per night is somewhere around USD 50.


Hotel Panorama is offering high quality services in the centre of St Mark’s Basin and the Lagoon of Venice.  It is absolutely amazingly designed and equipped with central heating, satellite TV, mini bar and everything you wish for. This place is only 10 meters away the departure of water buses taking you right to the heart of Venice, Piazza San Marco. The price for a double room is around USD 85 per night.

Luxurious accommodation in Venice

As it name suggests, Hotel Gritti Palace is an amazing place where you can have a wonderful stay, that if you can afford it. It is perfectly located, near the Grand Canal with a breathtaking view over Venice. History has is that in the 16th century this place has actually been the residence of Doge of Venice, Andrea Gritti and later on it was used by the ambassadors that came from Vatican to Venice. The architecture of the hotel is absolutely splendid and the services are of the highest quality. Its staff can brag with illustrious visitors such as Princess of Monaco, British Royal Family and several Hollywood Stars.

If you are curious about the price per night, then first get ready, breathe deeply and read this. It costs around USD 900 for a deluxe room with everything you have ever wished for.

There are many options when it comes to where to stay in Venice. Just prioritize what you are looking for in hotel and start documenting. Have fun!

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